On-line Tools & Resources List

Here are some useful on-line tools and resources that you can explore and use in your own facilitated work. If you see other helpful on-line resources feel free to share them with us.

Dialogue Handbook (free PDF Download):

Community Planning (helping people to shape their villages, towns and cities)

Seating Arrangements (The Margolis Wheel)

Social Innovator Website (Ideas, Resources and Tools for practical solutions to problems)

Seeds for Change (Resources List from UK grassroots Co-operative)

Dotmocracy (Ideas Rating Sheets for large groups searching for agreement)

Chris Corrigan's Online Resources List (Art of Hosting Practicioner)

Mark Collards Playmeo (Extensive Online and Downloadable Resource for Group Workers)

About Us

New Directions Facilitation (CRO: 467059) is the Sole Trader  name registered by Richard Costello in Ireland. The Company provides Facilitated support in Organisational Change.

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