Facilitated Supports

New Directions can offer a  number of Facilitated supports to you and your organisation. Some of these are traditional in nature while others can introduce new approaches for working together. All are tailored to your specific requirements, focusing on the right methods to meet your needs. Whatever needs your organisation has we are confident that we can find a way of meeting them, through honest, open and inclusive conversations, from the first point of contact to completion. We always strive to ensure that any Facilitated Support is provided through consultation and agreement with you directly. This means you will have the greatest impact on your organisation and those involved with it.


The main techniques used are those developed by ICA:UK and consist of the Focused Conversation Method, Action Planning Model and Participatory Strategic Planning.


Planning Support: from Strategic, Operational, Vision, Mission and Action Planning, we are experienced in supporting people to create and deliver their most effective plans possible.


Change Support: whether the change is large in scale or specific to a small part of your organisations work we can help you to explore, manage and implement those changes effectively, creatively and quickly.


Team Building Support: whether it's a small team or one much larger we can support you in a range of activities, which foster greater collaboration across teams, develop positive and effective relationships and raise awareness of roles, responsibilities and expectations.


Open Exploration Support: often an organisation and the people involved in it aren't precisely sure where they are heading, what they want to achieve or simply need an opportunity to explore different options and possibilities. We can host your exploration of those possibilities in ways that are meaningful, passionate, focused and provide a future direction.


Facilitation Training & Workshops: we can provide a number of tailored supports to your organisation that develops your own facilitation skills, so you can become effective in looking at the challenges and issues within your organisation, reduce dependency on external supports and  work better as individuals, teams and as an organisation.


Support Costs

A Facilitated Support session usually lasts between 3 hours and several days, depending on your needs and the scale of the challenges you face. The costs reduce if more support is required and an average half-day session (4 hours) is approximately 125 Euros and a full day 195 Euros. This is the standard rate to organisations in the Community & Voluntary sector but may increase for those in the Private or Statutory sectors. We also try to ensure that limited finances are not a barrier to organisations getting good support and we're always happy to discuss this in more detail with you.


Organisations that are Members of the Wheel in the Republic of Ireland and NICVA in Northern Ireland can avail of a 5% discount to final costs.


All work will be invoiced and payment can be made through Bank Transfer or Cheque.

About Us

New Directions Facilitation (CRO: 467059) is the Sole Trader  name registered by Richard Costello in Ireland. The Company provides Facilitated support in Organisational Change.

New Directions Facilitation

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